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Guide to the Challenges

Below is the guide to the challenges posted to xoverboardwalk & xovercrazytrain & xovercenterfold.

xoverboardwalk - G R A P I C S & xovercrazytrain - W R I T I N G S
Both communities have similiar concepts.
Posts will be set out like this (information in brackets is a sample challenge)
---- ♥ Challenge (Drabble Contest)
---- ♥ Due Date (March 25, 8PM EST)
---- ♥ How to Submit (Comment here with your drabble. Comments are screened.)
---- ♥ THEME (your theme is "kiss", anything from the candy to family to friendship to romantic kiss has to show up in your drabble)
---- ♥ Specifications (200 words, maximum. Can not be less than 100 words.)
---- ♥ Further questions (please respond to the questions thread in this post)

Graphics challenges range from icons, picspams, art work/drawing, wallpapers, etc.
Writing challenges range from fics (word limit is 1000)
Once the ending time is done, your submissions are all posted for voting!
DO NOT SHOW YOUR GRAPHICS/FIC TO ANYONE UNTIL WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED! You will be eliminated from the challenge if you post them anywhere including DA & fanpop.
Graphics should be posted to Imageshack or Photobucket.
Voting - READ THE RULES ALWAYS because they might change per challenge.
NEVER vote for your work.
NEVER ask or demand people to vote for your work. You may however remind people to vote in a challenge.
Please remember to ask questions if you're not sure whats going on.
Once the voting is over, xoverland will have a post to make a summary of who entered, who won and how many points were won per challenges/per week.
Points won per challenge changes per challenge.

xovercenterfold - G A M E S
These are the different games not based in doing fics or graphics.
There are up to two to three games each week.
Each game will require you to post your answer in the comments. All comments are screened which allow you to post your answer without anyone seeing it.
ALWAYS include your team name in your comments.
There is no limit of challenges per week you can do.
Once the game is over, xoverland will have a post to make a summary of who entered and how many points were won per challenges/per week.
Points won per challenge changes from week to week.

xoverland - F I L M D I S C U S S I O N S
Below is the rules for any Film discussions for New films.
Put any spoilers for the film/series behind:
---- ♥
Put any new "Discussion/Questions/poll" in new comments (and have the question/poll in the Subject), or just simply reply to someone's comment.
Respect people's opinions. Your team will lose points if you start an argument or flame someone's opinions.
---- ♥ In that regard, if you disliked the film? Go ahead state so (in a new comment unless someone already stated it before you) and say WHY you disliked it.
Unless the discussion comments/posts start to count towards the Points, you do not have to worry about putting your team name on it.
You can post anything related to the film or the series it may or may not represent - you can post pictures, links to icons or graphics or fanfiction... or gifs or music videos.
---- ♥ Bonus Love towards anyone linking towards anything crossing with the new film. ;D (Bonus Love doesn't mean points, sorry, not yet anyway)
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