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♥ If you have any questions or concerns, please comment here with them or contact your team leader.

♥ When does the points are restarted to 0?
Basically after 4 months, so that means there are three chances per year for your Team to win.

♥ How much do I have to be active?
Preferably about 90%, lol. But really at the minimal I'd prefer you do is ONE CHALLENGE per Battle. Doesn't matter if its just voting - that's still part of a challenge.

♥ Do I need to join every community?
No, the only community you need to join is your team one, xoverland, and xovercenterfold. xoverboardwalk & xovercrazytrain will need people to vote in them so it's a good idea to at least watch those communities unless your watching xoverland.

♥ What are the limits for the fandoms I can use for this challenge?
Any and every fandom is accepted EXCEPT real-person (actors/musicans/bands/reality tv) stuff. Sorry. You can however mention an actor/band/etc in your work, just they can't ACTUALLY show up in your writing. You can include as many crossovers in a certain writing/graphic/etc as you want unless it is against the rules of a certain contest.

♥ Can I submit something old I've made?
No, you can't - the entry must be new and original.

♥ Can I share my entry with other people?
Not until the challenge's voting is over and the winners are announced to xoverland. After that, go ahead!

♥ Can I submit other people's work?
No, you can't. All graphics (especially for manips for icons & banners) and fanfiction MUST BE MADE BY YOU.

♥ Can I vote for my own entry?
No... it would not be fair to anyone.

♥ What if I can't do a challenge?
Then you don't do it. That's the way things go. If you can't make graphics, it's fine, you can still participate in fics and the other games.

♥ What about spoilers?
If your posting reviews on films/shows/etc, then put all and any spoilers behind an ljcut. If they mix in with description highlight your spoilers like how i'm doing it right now :) . If there is any spoilers in your fics or possibly even your graphics, remember to state the episode(s)/sequel(s)/universe(s) its based on/spoils.

♥ Flareonfury is flareoninsanity?
Yes, I decided to use my personal account 'insanity' because the communities wouldn't be hard to handle to manage with that account while in my 'fury' account had A LOT of communities i'm already a mod of and it would take a lot longer to get to the journal style info stuff. 'insanity' will be the one you will see the Headmistress of this challenge while you can consider 'fury' as just a member/teammate.
* My points go to the team with the lowest points of that challenge.
* I do not participate in Luck games or any games that I would know the answer of prior to announcing the answers.

♥ What about Fusions?
I'm gonna allow them since you are taking main elements from another fandom, but I prefer all crossovers be "true" crossovers. BUT AGAIN, you're not limited to "true" crossovers.

♥ Are the crossovers going to be specific (Just BTVS, SPN, etc) or for each challenge can we pick our own crossover?
Its gonna be mostly you pick your own crossovers, but sometimes I'll give a list of a themed shows/movies/cartoons that you'll have to pick one and crossover it with any fandom you want.

♥ Is Slash/Incest/Bestiality/Genderbends/etc allowed?
Slash and everything else that isn't RPF is allowed here as long you put a warning up for anyone who finds its squicky.

♥ Is there a set rating on entries?
Currently it is PG-13 aka T...
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