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Basic rules
1. No swearing, you can censor it but it still best if you just don't swear in the community. This way it will be a nicer place for everyone.
2. No bashing of other members, other teams, actors, characters, pairings, crossovers, etc. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, just don't try force yours on anyone else.
3. Everyone is required to participate in at least ONE challenge per BATTLE.
4. You should always vote, but NOT for yourself nor ask anyone to vote for your stuff. You don't HAVE to vote every time, but you should at least vote for every challenge you were apart of. You give your team 5 or 10 points if you vote correctly (following the rules stated).
5. The team leaders are the ones who determine who will be kicked out of the community. Now, their picks will NOT be random and reasonless as they will have to go through me, so as long as you participate & are nice, you're safe.
6. Have fun!

Team rules
1. At the current time, You can change teams only once PER battle, so choose wisely.
2. Most of the challenges require participation from the members and not the team as a whole but if you want a place to meet new people or discuss possible crossovers or discuss films/shows/cartoons/comics - that's the place to do it. Need a little cheer while working on a certain story, this is the place to get it. (Just don't reveal your work or major plot lines if they deal with anything that's gonna be anonymous for the voting)
3. When you participate in a challenge, don't forget to add your team's name, so we could award you the points. If you do NOT have your team name in the subject line, icon, or somewhere in your comment than you will not be awarded points and possibly not even been given a chance to get voted on. SO DON'T FORGET.
4. Don't bash anyone from any of the teams or bash any teams.
5. DO NOT give anyone the answers to the games at xovercenterfold . That will make your team LOSE points.
---> If I'm feeling nice than it'll only be 10 or 20 points... if i'm angry and you've (or your team have) done it more than once, you'll lose either 50 or 100 points.
---> Yeah, so team leaders are responsible to keep an eye out.
---> If you see anyone doing this take a screencap of it and send it to me [even if you're just another member].
6. The team leaders are allowed to have their own set of rules.
7. If you want to promote your communities (preferably general or xover or challenge related comms), you may post a new entry at your Team Community.

Points rules
1. Every challenge/task gives certain amount of points for participation, which is on average 10 points unless stated otherwise. (Points Increase in the last month of each battle)
2. Voting in challenges, even on hiatus, will give you 10 points toward your team.
3. For the winners there are bonus points determined by the difficulty of the challenge.
4. Points are allocated after the challenge/task is over! So don't ask why the points of your team haven't changed if the challenge is still on.
5. For every member added to a team, that team will be given 20 points.
6. Every Four months the battle will be over and there will be one team that have won. After that everything will go back to the beginning and the teams will have zero points and so on.

Hiatus/Leaving rules
1. Since you DON'T have to participate EXCEPT for AT LEAST ONE challenge per Battle, you really don't have to worry about leaving or going on hiatus.
2. If you do leave the community, you are COMPLETELY welcome to come back any time, just simply reapply - keep the same team if it's the same Battle or you may change your team if it's a different Battle here.
3. If you think you should leave the community please let me and your team leader know and delete the comms from your friends.
4. You are ALWAYS welcome back unless you were banned.

The rules have been taken and tweeked to fit this community from legendland .
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