May 15th, 2010


Team Results So Far (Drabble/Icon/List 10)

I would have had this up sooner but I got distracted by Harry Potter fics... heh. ^^

So I've finally added the results for the first Drabble Contest, Icon Contest, and the List 10 to the Points page which you may or may not have noticed I posted to Crazy Train & Boardwalk.

Team Dusk - 630 points
Team Night - 555 points
Team Day - 435 points
Team Dawn - 385 points

So congrats to Team Dusk who is currently in the lead!!
[will update the sidebar in a few mins]

MAY 16
MAY 19
+ Team Icons @ xoverboardwalk  - make a team icon for your team & the others plus xoverland. See post for more.
MAY 23
Ficlet Contestxovercrazytrain  - write up to five ficlets with one fandom being a crime show. See post for more. 
MAY 31
Signature Contestxoverboardwalk  - make a sig banner for yourself. See post for more.