Stephanie (flareoninsanity) wrote in xoverland,

Announcement - Battle 1 Starts May 1

So the FIRST Battle doesn't start until May 1, so there won't be anything in the core three communities - Centerfold, Boardwalk, and Crazy Train until then. It isn't until May 1st because our battles end EVERY four months (JFMA / MJJA / SOND). PLUS we need members!

The teams can and hopefully will be active before then... it's up to the members of the team of course. Remember you can do anything in those communities - socialize and whatnot!

HOWEVER if you happen to pimp and someone says you suggested it or of an ad in another community is what brought them here, 5 points will be rewarded to the team whose members posted the pimps. This will go towards the First Battle.

So go forth and pimp the community!


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