Guide to the Communities

This is the guide to the communities used for CROSSOVERLAND. Now you don't have to join ALL of them... Joining is moderated, however to only the people signed up for the challenge.

Main community - used for posting winners, sign up sheet for the teams, and guides for the challenge. Important notices and weekly posts of telling what kind of challenges are going on in all communities.

teamdawn teamday teamdusk teamnight
The above is the team communties, which you join one if you're part of one of them. Anything can happen there - from reminders, social posts, discussions, cheerleading, off-topic stuff, etc! Each team is run by a team leader.

This community is for all the challenges that are not based on graphics or writing. Word puzzles, polls, music videos, lottery, etc. This is for any person who isn't exactly good at writing or graphics, or have much time to spend doing graphics/writing, but still can earn their team points. This is a easy way for any and all teams to earn points!

This community is for graphic challenges, such as icons, art/drawing, manips, wallpaper, posters, and picspams.

This community is for writing challenges, such as fanfiction (up to 6 words to 1000 words maybe) or poetry or whatever else that might include writing.

This community is the Social/Reminders community where ALL the Teams can get together and post Crossover related things and remind each other about the challenges.

This community is for all the mods and team leaders to discuss any problems or post suggestions and whatnot. You can not join unless you are a mod or Team Leader.

Note there is a possiblity that there will be more communities.